Facts & Figures

Your host in a nutshell

A few facts and figures about why Groningen has what it takes to host your conference or event.

Young, Healthy and Happy

  • 234.950 inhabitants
  • 120 different nationalities
  • 1 in 4 residents are students
  • One of the youngest cities in the Netherlands with an average age of 36
  • Cleanest air in the Netherlands
  • Cycling capital of the world
  • Top 3 happiest cities of the Netherlands

Digital infastructure

  • The country’s 2nd Internet city
  • Biggest offshore wind park in the world
  • Home of the biggest Blockchain and A.I. Hackathon in the world
  • The first rural 5G Field lab
  • The landfall point for a high-speed transatlantic fiber-optic cable connecting the U.S. and Europe.
  • Google’s first 100% green Data Center

Home of startups and scale-ups

  • Consistently in the top 10 of the country’s fastest growing tech companies
  • 60 companies with a revenue of €1 to €2 billion
  • Employment rate rising 65% faster than the national average
  • HackerOne was a Groningen startup and is now a Silicon Valley scale-up

City of Talent

  • 4 Nobel Prize Laureates
  • Around 44% of the population has a university degree
  • 8 of the country’s most innovative SMEs
  • The first electric car was invented here in 1835
  • The first hydrogen powered Tesla was developed here

Never ending hospitality

  • Hundreds of bars, cafes, clubs and restaurants to choose from
  • No closing hours
  • Around 20 hotels

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